Travis Wilbanks

Highly trained Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escaped (SERE) Specialists and Air Force Special Warfare Pararescueman of 16 years. Has multiple combat deployments with over 100 patients treated from battlefield injuries. Served four years as a SERE Specialists before transferring to become a PJ, with over 10 years operational experience.

Travis’ Certifications Include:

  • SERE Specialist Training Pipeline

  • USAF Combat Survival Training School

  • Artic Survival School

  • Water Survival School

  • Desert Survival School

  • Jungle Operations and Warfare

  • EMT-P


  • Advanced Trauma and Medical Provider

  • Multiple Combat Medicine Courses

  • Multiple Combat Weapons and Application Training Courses

  • Multiple Special Operations and Advanced Applications Courses

  • Multiple Mountaineering and Advanced Technical Rescue Courses

Operational Experience:

  • Operation Enduring Freedom

  • Operation Inherent Resolve

  • Operation Freedom Sentinel

  • 4 x Data Masked Deployments


Jim Braunstein head shot

Jim Braunstein

Jim Braunstein has dedicated his life to the service of others.  In 1985 he joined the New York City Emergency Medical Service (NYC EMS) where he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  His assignments included a basic life support ambulance that operated out of the historic Bellevue Hospital Ambulance Station (Station 13), resource management duties in the Operations Command Center and EMT/Hazardous Materials Technician duties in the Special Operations Division.  In 1996 Jim joined the New York City Police Department (NYPD).  Upon graduating the academy with honors, he was assigned to the Transit Bureau.  Jim was assigned to Transit District 2, patrolling the subways in lower Manhattan until his promotion to sergeant in 2002. His first supervisory assignment was to the 5th Precinct in Chinatown where he lead the Traffic Safety Team.  This experience provided him with an opportunity to be assigned to the department’s elite Highway Patrol Unit 1 in 2003.  While at “Highway 1”, Jim was charged with the supervision of police officers and detectives who patrolled the highways of Manhattan and The Bronx, conducted speed and traffic law enforcement , motorcycle patrols and escort duties, intoxicated driver testing, motor carrier enforcement and collision investigation.  Jim retired from the NYPD in 2008 after 23 years of service to the people of the City of New York…and a thrilling and fulfilling career in public safety.

Throughout his NYPD career, Jim remained active in the EMS world.  He worked part time for the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens, NY as an EMT on an ambulance providing emergency service in the New York City 911 system until 2002.  He later became a part time firemedic for the Baldwin Fire District and the Jericho Fire District on New York’s Long Island where he still serves the emergency care needs of these communities.

Since 2014 Jim has worked at the National Center for Security and Preparedness (NCSP) developing, designing and delivering specialized training for the emergency response community in New York State.  Jim has taught many courses to police, fire EMS and military personnel including Advanced Active Shooter Scenarios, Close Quarter Tactics, EMS Special Situations, EMS Multiple Casualty Incident Response, IED Dynamics for EMS/Medical Professionals, Rescue Task Force for EMS and Rescue Task Force for Law Enforcement.